Telecommunication networks, finance infrastructure, power grids and many other systems rely on precise frequency and time signal which are obtained from a proper synchronization sources. TCM has been delivering synchronization solutions for over 20 years. Our professional synchronization frequency and timing solutions are designed to assist you at every level of design, supply, install and support across a wide range of networks and applications.

Our synchronization product mainly built on Microsemi (former Symmetricom) solutions and includes:

Reference Sources and Frequency Standards

  • Microsemi TimeCesium 4400 – ETSI telecom cesium frequency standard and primary reference clock (PRC)
  • Microsemi 5071A – High-end Cesium frequency standard and primary reference clock (RPC)
  • Active and Passive Hydrogen Masers
  • Rubidium frequency standards
  • High precision Quartz oscillators
  • GNSS based frequency and time references
  • Enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock (ePRTC)

Carrier grade PTP and NTP servers

  • Microsemi TimeProvider 5000 – PTP Grandmaster
  • Microsemi TimeProvider 4100 – All-in-one synchronization device featuring PTP Grandmaster, PTP Boundary Clock, APTS, PRTC, NTP server and SSU
  • Microsemi Integrated GNSS Grand Masters
  • Microsemi SyncServer S600 – Ultra High Bandwidth NTP Server
  • Microsemi SyncServer S650 – Time & Frequency Standard with NTP and PTP Time Server
  • Microsemi SyncServer S80 – Fully Integrated GPS NTP Time Server

Modular synchronization systems

  • Microsemi SSU2000e – Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU)
  • Microsemi TimeProvider 1000 – Edge Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU)

Synchronization components

  • Microsemi CSAC – Chip scale atomic clock
  • Microsemi MAC – Miniature Rubidium Atomic Clock
  • GPS Disciplined oscillators
  • GNSS Antennas
  • GNSS amplifiers, splitters and lightning arrestors

Synchronization software

  • TimePictra X – NMS for synchronization network
  • Domain Time II

Achieving highly accurate precision time is no easy feat from a technology perspective, so it’s important to find a resource you can trust. Our end-to-end timing solutions generate, distribute and apply precise time for multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure, financial services, industrial and more.

Leveraging TCM’s advanced portfolio of timing technologies, services and solutions, we enable our customers to build more reliable networks and systems supporting today’s precise timing standards.

Contact us to find the right products and technologies for your timing needs.